Continental Jewelry Replacement Co.

Continental Jewelry Replacement Co. is a division of Komara Jewelers that has been serving both insurance companies and our clients for 15 years.

We service all major insurance companies, including All State, SAFCO, National Mutual, Erie Insurance, State Farm, Connecticut Union, Auto Owners, CNA, Ohio Casualty, Farmers Insurance, Westfield.

Five Reasons Why Continental Jewelry Replacement Should Be Your Number One Choice:

1. Time is money… Continental recognizes your needs to close files quickly and keep a tight rein on severity levels. Our response time is streamlined and we have the technical know-how to handle claims efficiently and cost effectively.

2. We know how to treat insureds… Continental Claims Specialists are also trained to understand the sensitivity necessary for handling many insureds. In fact, CIR Specialists make every effort to satisfy the insured’s needs including making house calls and after hour appointments. 

3. We know how to salvage a situation… Continental has a repair and salvage department. In addition, our talented design staff can accommodate claims involving almost any custom or hard-to-find pieces while keeping replacement costs significantly lower than cashing out.

4. We have extensive inventory… At the Canfield location, CIR has a combined inventory in excess of $30 million, with tremendous access to brand name jewelry, watches, gold, collectibles, and all types of cirtified diamonds and precious stones- all at substantial savings.

5. Accuracy is everything to us… We’ve staked our reputation on accurate appraisals since 1948. We know that for the claims process to work effectively, appraisals have to be on target. “Like kind and quality” is meaningless in the shadow of an inflated or inaccurate appraisal. We not only provide objective and comprehensive appraisals, we know how to detect deceptive or inaccurate documentation submitted for claims.